Greetings future honeymooners!

I’m sure you have lots of questions as you plan and prepare for your big day!
Here are some questions we’re commonly asked:

How long will my wedding ceremony be?

Every couple dreads the idea of their wedding ceremony dragging on and on and on…Zzzzzz We think your ceremony should take as long as it takes to celebrate your marriage, and not a moment more. Everyone’s different, so your ceremony could take 10 minutes or 45 – the average is 20 – but it’s entirely your call!

What will be said at our wedding?

We will work with you to create a personal, custom ceremony that reflects you as a couple. Your ceremony isn’t complete until we get the “thumbs up” from you.

Do we need to bring anything when we meet?

You’re welcome to bring along any special requests or ideas you’ve envisioned for your ceremony – but no pressure. When we meet we’ll show you our fun & easy process to creating your amazing wedding. If you decide we’re a good fit, we have everything needed to get the wedding ball rolling!

How soon should we book an officiant?

Best to check off this box as soon as you have a date and location confirmed. We get booked up quickly (especially our Saturdays). We will of course always try to accommodate any last minute requests.

What do we need to tie the knot?

You will need to pick up a marriage license at any city hall. It’s good for 90 days, however, we recommend you pick it up approximately one month before your ceremony date.

You can download the application form here: Wedding License application.

Don’t forget to bring two pieces of ID along for each of you.

More marriage license info:

Bring your license to your rehearsal to give to your officiant. Remember to bring the brown envelope you receive with it (your officiant will need this to mail off your completed paperwork).

After your ceremony, your officiant will look after sending all your information to the Registrar General’s Office to have your marriage registered. He will leave a separate package with you containing your “Record of Ceremony”, along with other relevant information.

What time will you arrive on the day of the wedding?

Your officiant will arrive 30-45 minutes before the beginning of your ceremony. Audio technicians will arrive approximately one hour before your ceremony start time.

What does the Officiant wear?

We promise to always look our best for your wedding ceremony. Officiants will wear a business suit (unless otherwise requested). If there’s a particular theme or colour scheme – please let us know.

Are there any photo restrictions during the ceremony?

As unforgettable as our officiants are, it’s your photos and video that you will have for a lifetime of memories. Our officiants and photographers/videographers work together to capture the best moments in a way that isn’t distracting.

Can we involve our children in the ceremony?

Of course! There are several creative and meaningful ways this can be done. Just ask about it when we meet.

Can we write our own personal vows?

Absolutely! Our Ceremony Template Builder has plenty of ideas and suggestions to feed your creativity. You can choose one as is, edit/personalize them, or completely write your own. Our officiants can also help if you’d like some creative input.

Do we have to memorize our vows?

Some people do (not too many though). Most couples will read them to each other. Or, simply repeat them after the officiant.

How do I change my last name after my wedding?

After your ceremony you may assume spouse’s last name. Your “record of ceremony” is sufficient proof to make changes on things like bank accounts, employer, etc.

To change your last name legally for items such as passports, health card, drivers license, etc. You will need a copy of your “marriage certificate”. This is an additional application process that can be done 8-12 weeks after your wedding. Here’s a link to order a copy of your marriage certificate online:

You can also download the form here:

How do we get started?

Super easy! Go to our Booking form to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting with us today!

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