Fun and simple steps to your Fun Pre-Marriage Course!


Request the Pre-Marriage Course

One of the most rewarding things we get to do is to sit down with couples and help them prepare for marriage! Our course is an essential investment for couples who truly want to build a strong foundation for their relationship. You can fill out the booking inquiry form here.


Ready to book

Once we receive your request we will get in touch to answer any questions you have. When you’re ready to proceed we will send you a booking agreement, including a link to pay your $100 deposit (the balance is due before your final session).


Set a meeting times and Dates

Once you’re registered, our pre-marriage course facilitators will be in touch to block three meeting times, no more than a week or two apart (if possible). At the initial meeting, we will bring everything needed to begin your online assessment, and get the Fun Pre-Marriage sessions started!


More Information On Our Fun Pre-Marriage Course 

More than a million couples have used the award-winning “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” (SYMBIS) and now–through the new SYMBIS Assessment–we can help you prepare for lifelong love like never before. SYMBIS has become the gold standard in marriage preparation. Drs. Les & Leslie Parrotts’ award-winning approach incorporates twenty years of feedback, research, and professional experience.


Save your marriage before it starts in just 3, 1.5hr sessions.

What You’ll learn:

Your Money Methods

Kick financial friction to the curb and ensure you realize your shared dreams together.

Your Personalities

Unpack your unique personality dynamics not only as individuals but more importantly as a couple.

Your Fight Types

Discover your “hot topics” and the secret of leveraging conflict for a stronger relationship.

Your Talk Styles

Crack the code for deep and meaningful conversations to enjoy heartfelt and lasting connections.

Your Love Life

Cultivate deeper intimacy and enduring passion for a lifetime of pleasure and fulfillment.

Your Deepest Longing

Create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection and discover how to infuse your relationship with meaning.

It’s Easy as Pie

Take the Assessment

You can take the assessment on any screen – laptop, tablet or phone. And it only takes about 30 minutes.

We Work Our Magic

Sit back and relax while we put your results together and create a treasure-trove of new insights for your relationship.

Enjoy Lifelong Love

Take advantage of your customized report and live the marriage of your dreams. Your happily ever after starts today.

“The SYMBIS Assessment rocks! We learned so much about our relationship and feel incredibly confident about our future together.”
–Toni and Chris, Official SYMBIS website

“The SYMBIS sessions with Dave and Wendy were very helpful. It put our strengths and weaknesses out on the table for us to evaluate. The assessment brought out items that we didn’t even realize about ourselves. My fiancé and I were surprised that even after so many years together we were still learning why each of us would do what we do in arguments or stressful situations.”


Fun Pre-Marriage Course $375 + HST

  • 3 X 1.5 Hour Meetings with our experienced and certified SYMBIS Pre-Marriage Counsellors
  • All Materials needed for your course are included
  • Lots of helpful advice from our course facilitators with over 20 years of marriage coaching experience

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