Some tips & tricks for your big day

Can I Have a Friend Perform My Wedding?
I often get asked the question: “can my friend or family member perform my wedding ceremony?” Well, the short answer is ‘yes & no’. Let me explain. A legal wedding ceremony requires the following things:

  1. A licensed wedding officiant needs to witness a couple declare their intention to marry each other.
  2. A marriage license must be filled out and signed by a licensed wedding officiant, and signed by the bride and groom and two witnesses.
  3. A licensed wedding officiant needs to pronounce (declare) the couple “Married”.

As long as these 3 things are done, then a friend or family member can do everything else. You may be thinking: “What else is there?”  The answer is lots!  In fact, there are too many options, ideas, and variations to list in this blog.

But, here’s how we help at FunWeddings. FunWeddings offers a service called “Officiant For The Day” (O.F.T.D.). Check out what’s included here

Basically, we’ll work with you and your “Officiant For The Day” to create a personal wedding ceremony. We’ll coach your O.F.T.D. through the entire wedding ceremony process – including an on-site rehearsal.

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5 Tried and True Tips for a Budget-friendly Wedding
Congratulations! You’ve got a shiny ring on your finger, and the excitement has begun: images of dresses, flower bouquets, and a perfect night dance through your head. Planning a wedding is one of the most important — and exciting — things you’ll do in your life, but how can you do it without breaking the bank? We have 5 tried and true methods for having a budget-friendly wedding, so your new life can start stress- and debt-free:

  1. Decide on a budget, and stick to it

The most important wedding planning tip we can give is to decide on a budget, and stick to it. Not having a firm figure in mind will make it easier to give a little here and there to have something you’d love, even if it’s more expensive than you were hoping. Not being strict on your budget several times — or even in just one area of wedding planning — can result in your final numbers being way over what you were planning, adding stress around a day that should be both fun and the happiest day of your life!

  1. Celebrate on a weekday

It’s not written in stone that you have to hold your big day on a Saturday, so why not opt for a week-day? Getting married on a Friday, or even mid-week, will often result in lower costs of the venue, photographer, caterer, and more: you’re not fighting for the special attention and reserving the special spot over other events happening on weekends. Celebrating on a weekday will not only allow you have a budget-friendly wedding, but means you’ll be able to kick-off those celebrations and your honeymoon early with two added weekend days to enjoy each other: use them to rest up and get used to saying husband and wife, or jet off for your honeymoon and steal an extra day or two in the sun. Travelling on a weekday often results in lower flight costs, too, so we really see nothing wrong with a weekday wedding!

  1. Time your wedding around food

You’ll be too excited to sleep anyways, so why not opt to get ready a little earlier in the morning, and celebrate with a late morning wedding, or just-after-noon wedding? Holding your ceremony time earlier means your reception won’t run through a meal-time, so you can save your pennies and opt for a dessert reception, or smaller meal, appetizers, or sandwich and salad bar, instead. Make sure you make a note of a smaller reception on your invitations so wedding-goers know to eat before they come, or pack some snacks for between the ceremony and reception, and enjoy. After all, a dessert reception gets rid of the stress of having to pick just one wedding cake flavour…

  1. Get crafty and DIY

We know you have most of your wedding planned on Pinterest already, and that’s okay. Pulling out the craft supplies and calling on creative friends for some DIY afternoons is the best way to have a budget-friendly wedding and keep costs low. There are so many options out there: ordering simple flowers like baby’s breath in bulk at Costco, to spools of ribbon from Michael’s and whatever you have in mind, can go a long way to making your perfect day just that…perfect! Don’t be afraid to call on friends that have a special talent to help out: they’d most likely be honoured to be part of your big day and offer their skills. Centre pieces at tables, aisle decorations, invitations, and even bouquets can be DIY-ed. There are no limits on creativity here, so get crafting!

  1. Skip the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts

It’s 2015, and you can make your wedding what you want it. Don’t feel pressured to buy gifts for everyone in the wedding party — especially for larger weddings. Bridesmaids and groomsmen will understand if you’re trying to have a budget-friendly wedding, and often, chipping in on breakfast, hair, or nights out leading up to the big day is enough of a thank you, accompanied by a hand-written card the day of. These special roles in your big day should be held by people with special places in your heart, and anyone that puts up a stink about the lack of a gift might need to be reminded who’s special day it is!

Making your wedding ceremony a budget-friendly wedding is definitely possible without having it look cheap or skipping out on the experience for you and your loved one, and your guests. We’re happy to help make your dream a reality with a Fun Wedding, and an unforgettable day. Let’s get planning!

Some Of Our Favourite Wedding Trends
Did you know more people get engaged at Christmas than any other time of the year? That means we’re in ready-mode, waiting to hear all about your exciting plans for your big day, and how he proposed. We understand that wedding planning can be overwhelming, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite wedding trends for to make sure that you have a fun wedding, and a day you won’t soon forget!

Skip the seating plan

Don’t worry about sitting great aunt Mary next to your mom’s friend’s mother Sue: skip the seating plan and avoid the stress! Most couples now are letting their guests mix and mingle, get to know each other, and opt to sit where they please. If you’re worried about a particular family member and an old family friend not getting along, opt for family-only tables, to provide them with a bit of a shield, and leave the rest to the guests to sort out amongst themselves. Choose a seating plan that includes different sizes and shapes of tables: all circular tables often feels more like a conference event than a celebration of love, and people will want to switch it up between chatting in small groups and getting together as a larger group at longer, rectangular tables. If you’re having a late-night dance or a cocktail hour before the reception, don’t forget a lounge area with comfortable seating for guests to mingle and enjoy.

Get the day on film

Videographers remain at the top of this wedding season’s wedding trends list: you’ll want to remember every moment of the day, from the single tear that escaped during your vows to uncle Bob’s dance at the reception. Opt for a videographer and photographer that team that have worked together in the past, or that can meet before the big day to plan out their stations and to make sure they aren’t stepping on toes or in each other’s ways: that way you’ll get the best of both products — a stunning photo album for year’s to come, and a perfect video to replay the day over and over.

Enjoy food and cocktail pairings

Try something different for cocktail hour with food and cocktail pairings. Give your guests a taste of Mexico if you’re planning your honeymoon to the beach with mini taco bits and tequila drinks, or opt for wine and cheese bars and the wedding glitzed in gold to fit the classy theme. Offering guests a small snack with their drink will eliminate anyone enjoying the libations too much before dinner.

Mix and match dresses

One of our all-time favourite wedding trends for 2016 is letting the bridesmaids mix and match their dresses. Opt to choose a specific colour, a colour scheme, or a style, and let your girls fill in the rest, whether that’s with style, or colour that fits. Mixing and matching will not only let each of your ladies have their personality shine but will definitely make sure they feel confident and beautiful in their wedding day get-up. You might choose to do this for a group of bridesmaids with different body types, or for a vintage look, or to add some flair to your wedding photos, with intricate details and different looks on each smiling lady.

What wedding trends are your favourites? Let us at Fun Weddings help plan your perfect day: we’d love to hear your ideas and throw others around to make sure your day reflects you in the best way possible.

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