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Welcome to Fun Weddings

My name is Kip Philp and I founded Fun Weddings because I’m a huge wedding and marriage fan! Since 1999 I’ve had the privilege of performing hundreds of wedding ceremonies, and over and over I’ve heard couples say things like this:

Please keep in mind that “fun” doesn’t mean ‘goofy’ or ‘silly’. It simply means your wedding is a celebration of the biggest day of your life and your ceremony should be enjoyed!

So, if you are seeking an unstuffy, creative, inclusive, respectful and fun wedding ceremony, we appreciate your consideration. Take some time to look around this site. Everything you need for an amazing ceremony can be found right here.

When you’re ready, we would love to meet for a coffee (or hot drink of choice) to discuss the vision you have for your ceremony. This is a no obligation meeting, so you can get to know more about us and see if we’re the right fit for your “big day”.

I look forward to hearing from you!
– Kip Philp


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In addition to Wedding Officiants, we provide everything you need for your ceremony in one convenient location! Book your DJ, Photographer, Videographer and more. We’re located in Burlington Ontario, and we serve Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding area, but we’ll travel wherever you need us to!

Wedding Officiants

Your officiant is the person in charge of how engaging and enjoyable your ceremony is.  We think marriage is the best thing two people can do together. So, “boring” is unacceptable!

PA & DJ Services

Looking for great audio, so every word can be heard? Our sound systems are modern, crystal clear and reliable. Still can’t hear everything? Please contact my wife at

Wedding Photography

We offer more than just your “run of the mill” wedding photography. Our photographers live and breathe their trade. They’re storytellers, capturing your unique bond of love forever.


Want to capture forever the breathtaking moments from the most important day of your life?
Let us put your unique love story on film to be enjoyed for years to come.

Live Music

Ask us about our recommended live vocalists & musicians. Whether it’s modern, classical, instrumental, or vocal driven, these music professionals will leave a lasting impact.

Ceremony Supplies

Whether it’s a sand ceremony or wedding invitations, we have literally 1000s of inspirational options and ideas in our online store. The best part is, it’s all in one convenient location – ready to be shipped to your front door!